What People Say

Book 1 has been tested in a number of local independent and state schools with excellent feedback from teachers and parents:

“My son Remy is just starting to read. I gave him one of your booklets and he liked it immediately. He recognised letters, then words, and went over the booklet again and again, each time managing to read more words. Then he asked me: “Are there any others?” Remy is now eagerly going through the rest of the set. He takes his box with him everywhere in the house, and even in his bed! WE’VE WON THE BATTLE!”
N.T., Osteopath

“Each story, even each page can be used to develop conversation and vocabulary, opinions, judgment, the expression of feelings and emotions.”

“Compared to similar books the strong points are the quality of the illustrations, the colours, and above all, the humour.”

“There is definitely a need for books like these.”

“Fun for adults too!”

“Their simplicity invites creativity!”

“These books will greatly assist language development.”

“Very useful for home reading.”